TWinSoft - All TBox RTU
(-MS32(-S2), -LT2/-TG2, Nano, -LT, -WM/-LP, -MS16, CPU3)

TWinSoft Suite is the unique tool needed to develop TBox RTU application.
It includes the utility WebForm Studio 2.0 to build .htm pages accessible from smart phones, tablets, PC, ...
It includes the legacy WebForm Studio and its WebForm ActiveX Viewer as well as Report Studio

Date: August 27, 2021
TWinSoft: 12.5.0 Build 1652
WebForm Studio 2.0: 12.5.0 Build 1652
OS TBox-MS32 (-S2): 1.47.553
OS TBox-LT2 (-TG2): 1.47.553
OS TBox Nano: 1.04.100
TBox-MS32 LINUX: 2.6.27
TBox-LT2 (-MS32-S2) LINUX: 4.9.279
OS TBox-MS16: 3.29.735
OS TBox-LITE: 3.34.794
OS TBox-WM / -LP4xx: 3.34.794
Language: FR / UK / DE

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Read the document below to run multiple TWinSoft versions on the same PC (as of TWinSoft 11.03).
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